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Discover the Best Taco Trucks In Los Angeles

Tacos are a food truck staple. It’s hard to beat a basic taco made from quality ingredients and then served up fresh and hot. LA has many great food trucks serving gourmet tacos, and those taco-lovers willing to seek them out will be pleasantly surprised at the options. How can you find the best tacos in LA when you cruise the food truck court?

Check out every menu. When wandering through a parking lot of food trucks, stop and check the menus at each one. Many trucks – no matter their specialty – often offer some version of a taco. Patronize the trucks that experiment with different and unique ingredients. Check to see if a food truck chef has discovered a new way to jazz up the traditional taco. Those are the offerings you want to try.

Sample the products. Tacos are relatively inexpensive menu items, so it’s not a big investment to eat a single taco at several food trucks in order to find your favorites. Live on the edge and try the ones that sound unusual. A strange-sounding taco combination (peaches and beef?) could turn out to be your latest, greatest discovery.

Go with a proven winner. Patronize a taco truck that has an established fan base and a great reputation for quality and service. One of those is Hang 10 Tacos, a boxy, blue taco truck that travels the streets of Orange County and caters all types of events and celebrations. Hang 10 Tacos cooks up the best tacos in LA, as well as carne asada, a dish made grilled beef and topped with salsa and guacamole. However, if you want Hang 10 to cater a special event, feel free to choose your own menu. To contact the experienced foodservice professionals at Hang 10 Tacos, dial 855-5-Hang-10.

Hang 10 has two sister food trucks, both of them big favorites among LA food truck diners:

The Hungry Nomad is a popular LA food truck that offers wide selection of healthy sandwiches and wraps made from fresh, seasonal ingredients. However, the staff is at your service and will customize a unique menu just for your catered celebration. Phone The Hungry Nomad at 877-NOMAD-10.

Greenz on Wheelz says “Lettuce Serve You” the best sandwiches and freshest salads on wheels. Of course, the Greenz foodservice team can cook and serve any menu your special occasion requires. Call Greenz on Wheelz at 855-6Greenz.

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