Call A Business Consultant Before Buying A Food Truck

Not everyone who sings can succeed on stage, and not everyone who cooks can make it as a food truck owner. There is a lot more to a food truck operation than just great food, and anyone interested in the business should talk to an experienced professional before quitting their day job or buying a truck.

Mike Mikhail owns several LA restaurants and a fleet of food trucks. He frequently consults with new and potential food truck owners to prepare them for a highly competitive industry and to help them avoid costly, painful problems.

“The food truck industry is getting more challenging,” said Mikhail. “There are now 6,000 food trucks in the LA area, and the industry is booming all around the country. Food trucks are popping up in rural and suburban towns. So many people want to get into the business because it is considerably less expensive than starting a bricks-and-mortar restaurant. But many of those enthusiastic folks are simply not prepared.”

There are many opportunities for quality food trucks beyond selling on the street. They can cater wedding receptions and business meetings, serve film production employees on location and be wrapped in special vinyl “skins” to promote events or advertise products. They can even be rented to movie and TV film crews and used as part of the movie set. However, the food truck owner must know how to promote the truck’s services and properly price each opportunity in order to make a profit.

“Inexperienced operators make a lot of mistakes when they start out,” Mikhail said. “They don’t know how to brand their business, they aren’t familiar with health and parking regulations in the cities where they operate and they don’t establish policies and training for their employees. For example, employees must know how to provide great customer service. A bad food truck team can ruin your business.”

The food truck operator should know the local market, the customers and the areas where customers congregate. Plus, the business should be adequately capitalized with a little extra cash on hand for emergencies.

Mikhail is available to consult with existing food truck operators and those considering the business. To discuss your operation or business plan, phone Mikhail at one of his food trucks. They are Hang 10 Tacos at 855-5-Hang-10, Greenz on Wheelz at855-6Greenz and The Hungry Nomad at877-NOMAD-10.