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Book The Best Filming Locations

Book The Best Filming Locations And Hire Hang 10 Tacos To Complete The Job

The food truck rental scene in Los Angeles is just as popular as the city’s famous film industry, which is why the two go hand in hand together. Film production companies like to be at the forefront of trends and what better way to show you are in tune with that latest happenings in the city than working with the food truck vendors that bring the city alive.

Family Business

Hang 10 Tacos is a fresh new brand by a trusted family business that understands what the people of LA want. We can supply one of our funky food trucks to act as a prop for your LA street scenes, once you have sourced the best filming locations, or we can be your new Hollywood caterersto supply great tasting food for your cast and crew. Whatever you need fromHang 10 Tacos we are sure that we can work it out, all it takes is one call.

100% Professional

We all know how hectic LA life can be and we are aware of the demands that filmmakers face every day so we can assure you that our food trucks will be delivered just where you need them and be out of your way as soon as you are done—you shouldn’t expect anything else from the best food truck in LA.

Our Hang 10 Tacos food truck Los Angeles is brightly colored to reflect the vibrant nature of the food we serve and the city that we serve from. We love to reflect the energy of the city and the people of the city, so a street food van in your next movie set will help bring your shots alive.

If you are looking for a first-class performance from a food truck LA vendor that you can trust, then Hang 10 Tacos is ready for our next big event at your place.