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Taco Truck Catering

Background Set Rental

With a demand for food truck catering as a prop on many TV shows and film productions Hang 10 Tacos has a great deal of experience providing a professional service. We hire food trucks for background set hire, props and food for corporate events, parties and on-set to create a great atmosphere and impress your production.

Los Angeles is a city that is awash with street food with a food truck on every major street and near all tourist attractions. If you are filming a TV show or film set in Los Angeles you will want to make sure that it accurately portrays the Los Angeles catering scene. The city of angels is certainly a special place to be and if you want your audience to get a taste of what the city has to offer then Hang 10 Tacos can help you out

Hang 10 is a friendly family based business that wants to offer the best customer service possible to the people of LA. Food truck catering in Los Angeles is an industry that continues to grow year upon year and we are proud that we have established a loyal following from excited food lovers and businesses looking for hassle free catering services.

Think about top food based films such as Chef, Chocolat and Babette’s Feast and you will know how the power of food can sway an audience—hey, who was not addicted to chocolate after watching Willy Wonka? Make your potential audience delight in the food that LA has to offer by using a Hang 10 Tacos food truck on your background set. You do not have to hire the food from us but we think that the look and taste of the food will give an authentic look to your movie.

As well as providing effective background set props, our Hang 10 Tacos truck can serve up food for the people working on set or for your wrap parties—how delighted will everyone batter putting in a lot of hard work each day? Be innovative, be creative and choose Hang10 Tacos for your next big production.