Are You Ready To Own A Food Truck Business? Answers These Questions

Food trucks are versatile and fun, and the food is delicious. Whether eating salads on wheels or BBQ tacos, everyone loves food trucks. In fact, many fans think they’d like to join the business and become a food truck star. Answer the following questions to determine if you have what it takes to make it in the food truck industry.

Do you have the necessary financing? While food trucks are cheaper to own and operate than a bricks-and-mortar restaurant, you still need money to get started. Some new owners borrow money or join up with partners to underwrite their business. Others use personal savings. Any new business is chancy, so it’s important that you have your personal finances in good order and can acquire the necessary capital before you launch your food truck.

Do you have sufficient business acumen? Your friends love to eat what you cook, but operating a food truck is more than simply cooking and serving great food. Any successful business requires an experienced manager who knows with marketing and customer service. Attention to detail and a commitment to quality are mandatory.

Do you have the commitment? The food truck business requires long hours and steadfast dedication. To be a winner, you must devote the time that a successful business demands. In the beginning, that will be a lot of hours. Weekends and holidays are a food truck’s busiest days, and customers will expect you to be where you’ve promised to be. New food truck operators often say they live in their trucks.

Are your expectations realistic? Owning and operating a food truck may look easy, but you should have appropriate expectations for any new business. You can make a good income by operating a food truck, but you also will have expenses beyond the cost of the truck and the food you purchase. Research all the costs in detail before investing.

Are you knowledgeable about the business? Do you know that food trucks are required to comply with regulations similar to those impacting restaurants? Are you aware food trucks must submit to local health inspections? Do you know how to balance books, project food and ingredient requirements and manage employees?

If you answered “no” to even a single question, you need help before getting into the food truck business. Learn the secrets and downsides of the food truck industry before you become an owner. Mike Mikhail operates of a fleet of successful LA food trucks and regularly consults with new and prospective food truck owners. His background and guidance can help new operators avoid months of painful and costly experiences. To contact Mikhail and discuss his consulting services, phone one of these food trucks:

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