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Best Food Truck In LA

Yes, Breakfast Really is the Most Important Meal of the Day

You’ve heard it your entire life and it’s true. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. People of all ages need good nutrition after a night sleep. Skipping breakfast to save time or calories (or for extra snoozing) will have negative effects on your body. Here are three important ways that breakfast benefits you:

  • Food – Skipping breakfast as part of a diet can be counterproductive. Without nutrition in the morning, you’re more likely to crave high-fat foods and extra calories by lunchtime. Missing breakfast can actually cause you to consume more food. Do this often enough and you’ll actually pack on pounds –not lose them.
  • Metabolism – Breakfast helps boost your metabolism. A meal in the morning tells your brain to wake up and start digesting after a long fast. Skipping breakfast makes your body conserve energy because it isn’t storing up more through nutritious food. Your metabolism slows, reducing the number of calories you’ll burn during the day.
  • Mood –A simple breakfast keeps your mood up and regulates your blood sugar until lunch. You’ll have better spirits and more energy if you take time in the morning for breakfast.

Every day in metropolitan areas around the country, food truck owners are up before sunrise to serve breakfast to busy commuters. Breakfast can be simple – such as yogurt, fruit or biscuits – or more robust, such as tacos made with eggs and crisp bacon. Some trucks offer a selection of fresh breads, waffles and pastries made from scratch. Other food trucks feature protein-enriched smoothies with fresh fruits and dairy products. All of these foods are transportable and easy to eat on the go.

At The Hungry Nomad, Hang 10 Tacos and Greenz on Wheelz, we take time for a healthy breakfast, and we hope you do too. We also can cater a nutritious and yummy breakfast for you and your office mates, wedding party or personal guests. Whether you’ve scheduled a business brunch, a holiday breakfast, a tenant appreciation event or a family reunion, we’ll serve up the best hot breakfast around. Our veteran catering crews are available by phone. We can provide you sandwiches and salads on wheels or create an elaborate menu just for your event. Schedule your no-cost consultation today.

  • The Hungry Nomad, one of the best food trucks in Los Angeles – 877-NOMAD-10
  • Hang 10 Tacos, the best taco truck in Los Angeles serving delicious carne asada – 855-5-Hang-10
  • Greenz on Wheelz, serving the healthiest street food in Los Angeles – 855-6Greenz

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