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Food Truck Catering In Los Angeles

6 Wedding Catering Trends for 2017

In terms of the most important aspects of a wedding, the catering is right up there at the top of the list, both for you and your guests. Wedding catering is a booming industry and brides and grooms are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing great food for their wedding. Wedding catering can be boring, with some places offering traditional food that does not raise the bar, but there is hope for adventurous couples in the form of our famous taco menu

We take a look at the top wedding catering LA trends for 2017

Stations and bars

You can choose a station style wedding, with various foods being served up at different points during the wedding. If you speak to your local food truck vendor, they will be happy to look into setting up a variety of stations or they can line up more than one food truck outside. Guests can enjoy the best of both worlds with station style wedding catering as they can eat as much as they want, but the food is more substantial than a standard buffet, hence why it is our famous taco menu.


Another trend is for providing bite-size food that shows that bigger is not always better. Once again, nibbles and small portions do not have to equate to a buffet style wedding, food trucks are the perfect way to introduce small tasters of different dishes from around the world. Hang 10 Tacos loves providing our customers with lots of tasty tidbits from our famous taco menuĀ to see them through the day.

Candy Shops

Tradition also goes out the window when it comes to wedding cakes in 2016. Couples have been opting for quirky wedding cakes for a while now, including cupcakes and wedding cakes made of cheese, but some people are losing the cake altogether. With individual desserts or candy trollies taking up pride of place, you are sure to be attending some sweet weddings this year. Watch out for espresso bars too, for a perfect way to wash down your sweet treats at the end of the day.