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Taco Truck Catering

5 Reasons To Hire A Food Truck for Your Next Event

Hang 10 Tacos love to attend big events and take part in wedding catering for couples looking for something different on their big day. Whether you want to hire a food truck for a pre-wedding photo shoot or have us turn up to your wedding to provide the main food for the big day, we can organize bespoke packages and innovative menus that will delight all of your guests.

Street food has been taking the world by storm during the last decade or so, with Los Angeles leading the way in innovative food trucks. In the past, a food truck would have been frowned upon as being greasy and unhealthy, but these days fruit vendors are revered just as much as top class chefs.

Taco truck catering in Los Angeles is one of many food trucks that are in demand for weddings and events and we take a look at the reasons why. Be warned, you will want to call up and book a food truck right away!


A food truck can go to almost any venues, not matter how big or small. There is no need to worry about finding a venue with a good catering hall and kitchen as food truck vendors will take care of all your needs, right down to picking up the trash at the end of the night. Your event does not have to be restricted to an indoor space as you can park your food truck up anywhere and form an orderly queue!


Whether you have a small gathering of like-minded people or a large event that needs to cater for hundreds of people, Taco catering Los Angeles will allow for a variety of dishes to feed your guests and allow them to go home smiling. Your event will be the talk of the town if you hire a gourmet food truck to delight your guests taste buds.

Great Customer Service

You can rest assured that is you are looking for reliable wedding catering Los Angeles, a food truck will do their utmost to make you and your guests happy. Food trucks are a major attraction in LA at and vendors pride themselves on a satisfaction guaranteed. Here at Hang 10 Tacos, we want you to experience exceptional service every time.


Above all, the food made will be the freshest and most delicious that you will find in the city. Food trucks are always on trend and are never boring. You can fly around the world with a handful of dishes that will give you new food experiences with every bite

The Wow Factor

Like we said, LA food truck can never be boring—not only does the food taste amazing, the trucks look very cool indeed. Just imagine the great photographs you can take of your guests tucking into awesome food outside of our bright blue van.

To find out more about what tasty treats you can scoff at your next big bash, get in touch for a customized menu, you know you want to!