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5 Misconceptions About Los Angeles Food Trucks

5 Misconceptions About Los Angeles Food Trucks

Food trucks are unhealthy

It is true that food such as burgers and hotdogs were the first to show up on the food truck Los Angeles scene, but these days there are much healthier options available. Many food truck vendors for health conscious foodies across the city, with great tasty salads and tacos packed full of fresh and nutritious ingredients. Hang 10 Tacos like to create menus that cater for all tastes, with some dishes for the days when you want to treat yourself and other options for when you need a healthier lunch or dinner.

Food trucks are not much cheaper than restaurants

You can spend as much or as little as you like on food truck Los Angeles as there is something to suit all budgets. With low overheads and flexible menus, you will find that food trucks are a cheaper alternative to dining out at a restaurant, but you can still enjoy great flavors.

Food trucks are unhygienic

Food truck catering is very compact and, of course, it is mobile, but that does not mean that strict hygiene rules. Why would anyone business person want to let their customers down and end up going out of business? Hang 10 Tacos care very much about our customers welfare and we follow local health food guidelines.

Food trucks are only for hipsters

Yes, food truck catering is very modern and it is a trend that does not look to be going away anytime soon, but it is very inclusive. You will rock up to a food truck and see bearded men on unicycles, but you will also find groups of office buddies sharing lunch and families enjoying dinner under the stars.

Food trucks have had their day

Once again, this rumor is very wrong as the food truck Los Angeles scene is going from strength to strength with new food trucks popping up every week. The very nature of food trucks means that chefs and vendors can adjust their menus to keep things fresh and to mirror the trends that are happening all over the world.