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Taco Truck Catering

10 Reasons Why Food Trucks Rock

It is no secret that the Hang 10 Tacos team LOVE food trucks—it’s what we do best and we know that our community of foodie fans cannot get enough of street food. If you have not tried food from a food truck before, take a look at these 10 reasons why food trucks rock.

  1. The food is amazing

 From fusion foods to gourmet tacos and delicious desserts, food trucks in LA are at the forefront of the LA dining community, No matter how strong a gimmick may be, the food needs to be exceptional as we think that LA has some of the best street food in the country.

  1. Food truck catering is very creative

 Food truck vendors love to have lots of fun with recipes and menu design, so be expected to be wowed by fresh flavors and intriguing ingredients.

  1. A trip to a food truck is fun for the whole family

 Why not try something different for dinner one evening and head out to the nearest food truck near your home—the kids will love it.

  1. Food truck is a great alternative to traditional corporate catering

 Got an event coming up? Leave the canapés behind and impress your guests with the most popular food in the country.

  1. Food trucks come in all shapes and sizes

 Whether you have a large or a small event you can speak to your local street food vendor to create a tailor made corporate catering package.

  1. Food trucks are easy on the wallet

 Not only does food truck catering taste delicious, it is a fraction of the price of restaurant food, which means you can eat out several times a week.

  1. Food trucks are bringing gourmet food to the masses

 Can’t afford posh restaurants, don’t worry you can eat some of the trendiest foods on a budget.

  1. Food truck catering in Los Angeles is convenient

In a rush? You can simply grab quick lunch or something for dinner on the way home.

  1. Food trucks promote creativity

Just when you think food cannot get any better, food truck vendors will be thinking up another recipe to knock your socks off.

  1. Food trucks are an important part of the community

It is heartwarming to see people from a community share a bond over food.