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IBM Computer Tries To Create Futuristic Food Truck Food

The food truck business is the incubator for crazy food concepts and unexpected food arrangements. Most of those ideas come from the industry’s most imaginative food truck chefs. Now IBM is testing a supercomputer that is designed to outshine human creativity when it comes to generating novel menu suggestions and inventing new food ideas. Dubbed […]

Food Truck Catering

Liven Up Your Block Party With No-Fuss Food Truck Catering

Food truck catering in Los Angeles has a warm history, with generations of families enjoying eating out on the streets, enjoying good food and chatting with friends old and new. Restaurants are not accessible to all people, especially with some of the menu prices in the better parts of LA, so food trucks can bring […]

New Trends In Food Truck Cuisine

Subject matter experts at Food Network Kitchens predict more good times for food truck cuisine this year, thanks to daring foodies who will sample most anything from burning-hot pepper dishes to revised versions of comfort food. According to one Food Network executive, today’s diners want local ingredients, fresher veggies and healthier choices, and they’ve become […]

Food Trucks Are A Bargain For The Consumer

Food trucks offer a big advantage to busy Los Angeles diners. They are a convenient part of the urban lifestyle and provide a wide selection of well-priced food choices for people where they work and play. At lunch, business districts and office managers appreciate the presence of trucks since fresh, readily available food keeps employees […]

Food Trucks: A Big Change From The Chains

Food trucks are no crazy fad or fly-by-night trend. These novel restaurants-on-wheels are growing in popularity, and the reasons are obvious. Their food is superior to eats from fast-food places and often superior to chain restaurants, and they have hit a cultural nerve in the neighborhoods where they operate. Many people live or work in […]

FOX Kicks Off Brooklyn Nine-Nine With Food Truck Promotion

When the Los Angeles FOX TV station wanted to promote its new detective show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, it called on a food truck for help The truck, owned by Los Angeles restaurateur Michael Mikhail, was wrapped in a bright, vinyl graphic that featured photos of the TV show’s stars. In two days in the LA community, […]

Hire A Food Truck ; Throw A Party

Invite a gourmet food truck to your next party. Experienced food truck caterers can create and serve everything from cold appetizers to a multi-course meal. In fact, many Southern California food trucks are in such great demand for professional catering, that they must limit on-the-street service. If you’ve never hired a caterer before, here are […]

Food Trucks Are Holiday Helpers At Party Time

Give yourself a holiday when you throw your next holiday party. Call on a gourmet food trucks to help manage every aspect of your event. Here are ways a food truck caterer can make your festivities more enjoyable for everyone: Serving delicious food – This one is obvious. A gourmet food truck crew will whip […]